Why it’s hard to stay active as a new mom, and what you can do about it

There is something no one really talks about…

Being a new mom is very exciting. But It’s also VERY overwhelming 🤯

Your whole life has turned upside down. You now have to plan pretty much everything you do around your baby’s schedule.

You would kill for 5 minutes alone so you can go to the bathroom. So those 1-hour fitness classes you used to take three times a week are definitely not happening anytime soon!

You are adjusting to your new status of being a mom, and at the same time you have to adjust to the new reality and new routine.

Someone could say that there is an easy way to do it. But we want to be honest with you — it’s not easy. But it is possible!

To support you on this journey, we have collected 5 useful tips that will help you make your new-mom fitness routine more fun, more consistent and less stressful.

Ready? Let’s dive straight in!

Involve your little one in your workouts

Does your baby always want to have you by their side? Do they wake up and start screaming the moment you leave the bedroom? Sometimes it feels like they have sensors or a third eye, right?!

Well, instead of trying to find that alone time to do your workout, you can make your little one a part of it!

Do you like running? Is the weather decent outside? Grab a stroller and go for a “stroller run”!

Or how about baby-weight squats and planks, baby shoulder presses, or kettle baby-bell swings?

Get creative, turn it into a game! Not only will it help you stay fit and active, but you two will bond even further ❤️

Keep it nice and short

“My baby naps for 2 hours straight”, said no mom ever 🤪

Trying to squeeze in a full 1-hour workout while your little one is asleep is, ummm, not very realistic. Let’s accept that and make a change.

Instead of trying to work out for 1 hour 3 times a week, plan to do 15-minute workouts daily. It’s going to be much easier to get them done on a regular basis, and you will feel great knowing that you did it! It will help you stay motivated and keep going.

Remember — while you are trying to re-establish your fitness routine, consistency is much more important than intensity.

So whatever you can do to make it easier for yourself to stay consistent — do it!

Take it easy

You remember being strong, and now you are wondering what happened to your strength. You might be feeling weak, and it might be discouraging or even frightening you.

The truth is, your body has been through A LOT in the past year. Pregnancy, giving birth, those nights without sleep — it’s no joke!

Be patient with yourself, give yourself time to recover. Thank you body for what it has accomplished, and just ease into your pre-pregnancy fitness routine gradually.

And your strength will come back, we promise you! 💪

Relax your diet

You might have been following a pretty strict diet before pregnancy, and it’s tempting to get back to it straight away. But be careful. You need to fully recover from giving birth before you can add any additional stress to your body (and any diet is a stress!).

Eat healthy and stay reasonable, but don’t start to push your limits too soon.

Listen to your body — always

Some days you feel strong and energized, and some days you feel exhausted — and that’s okay. Being consistent with your routine is definitely important, but what’s more important is that you always listen to your body and give it what it needs now.

Because you are doing this all to be healthy and happy, right? And sometimes an afternoon nap will do so much more for your health (both physical and mental!) than a workout 🙏

Do you wish you could easily track all of your fitness and health related tasks and habits? Do you wish you had an accountability partner to share your journey with and to keep you focused? We got you! Check out our Breverie goal setting mobile app — it was designed with a sole purpose to make your personal development journey fun, exciting and successful!

Originally published at https://blog.thebreverie.com on January 28, 2022.




Entrepreneur | Tech startup founder | CEO of Breverie

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Olena Mytruk

Olena Mytruk

Entrepreneur | Tech startup founder | CEO of Breverie

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