How to choose the best goal setting app

There are many goal setting mobile apps out there, and it’s hard to find the right one. The following tips will help you find goal setting app that is best for your needs!

Freedom to work on different types of goals

Breverie mobile app lets you set the goals that are right for you!

Many apps offer you a list of predefined goals that you can choose from. But the problem is that most of those goals are not really tailored to your needs. Remember — it’s important that you work on the goals that are right for you, so your perfect app needs to have an ability for you to set any goal you want, in any area of your life!

Guided goal setting wizard

Breverie goal tracking app has a uniquely designed goal setting wizard

The goal is so much more than just its name! It’s important to understand why you want to work on this goal, what value it is going to bring you, how working on this goal will make you feel. So when you are searching for the goal setting app, choose the one that will guide you through the whole process and won’t leave it to you to figure it all out.

Progress tracking

Track all your daily habits and routines easily with Breverie mobile app

Alright, you set your brand new goal, now it’s time to crush it! It is the small actions you take every day — tasks, habits and routines — that will get you there. You definitely don’t want to have a separate habit tracker, so make sure your goal setting app lets you track all your progress!

Awards and encouragement

With Breverie goal setting app, you will always feel encouraged and motivated

You have a much higher chance of success when you do something that brings you joy. You can set the most important goal in the world, but if working on this goal makes you feel miserable, if you don’t feel encouraged and motivated, you will likely not achieve that goal.

It’s essential that you learn to notice all small wins along the way, to celebrate them and to reward yourself for them. And it will be amazing if your goal setting app will help you do that!

More than just goal setting

Focus on how you feel with Breverie self development mobile app

Working on our goals is definitely a very important part of the personal development journey, but it’s just one part. It’s essential that you also learn to become more self aware, because in the end it will help you understand your needs and desires much better.

There are many ways to practice mindfulness and self awareness. It can be meditation, journaling or regular mood tracking. And it’s going to be awesome if your goal setting app will let you handle at least some of these things, if not all (the less apps we have to deal with the better, right?)

Some time ago Olena Mytruk was looking for the perfect goal setting and personal development app for herself. She couldn’t find one, so she decided to create it! And this is how Breverie was born. If you are looking for a goal setting and self development mobile app that will also act as your virtual cheerleader and accountability partner, then you absolutely have to check out Breverie mobile app! And let us know what you think! 🙌

Originally published at on February 10, 2022.




Entrepreneur | Tech startup founder | CEO of Breverie

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Olena Mytruk

Olena Mytruk

Entrepreneur | Tech startup founder | CEO of Breverie

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